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IMMY brings reality into dedicated digital spaces.

IMMY is the first entity to offer a turnkey solution to digitize at once your city, your monuments but also your company within dedicated digital spaces through NFTs certified by the blockchain.


Thanks to our expertise in digital art and 3D video game creation, we are specialized in digital real estate.

Over 20 years of experience in artificial intelligence.


Creator of digital art and 3D video game editors.


Experts and precursors in the world of NFTs.


Specialized in creation of digital real estate.

Our NFT strategy.

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We design NFTs for brands that sees in NFTs an online customer channel.


We enable an international exposure in order to target new customers or users all around the world.

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We scenarize the sell in order to sacralize the moment and drop your customers into NFT world.


Offer to your customers a next level experience: a bridge between digital and reality.


What are digital spaces & assets ?

A digital space is a virtual world in which many people can interact with each other thanks to NFTs (non fungible tokens) which are unique digital objects, secured and certified by the blockchain.


There are many fields of application : gaming, collaborative spaces, social networks, marketplaces, e-commerce, etc.

“More than ten million dollars change hands daily to buy these totally dematerialized collectibles”, McKinsey.

A unique digital spaces & assets expertise.

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A world premiere: the creation of the official NFTs collection of the city of Cannes to digitize its heritage and make it remotely accessible (in order to

visit it, organize events, etc).

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Public auction with the famous auction house Artcurial, in Cannes for nearly 350K€ of sales.

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The digitalized Palais des Festivals of Cannes.

The 10 main monuments of Cannes. .png

The 10 main monuments of Cannes.

Their unique digital reproduction in 3D (as NFTs).

Their NFTs in the Decentraland Metaverse..png
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Over 20 years of experience in artificial intelligence.

AI, mobile entertainment & NFT applications.

100+ companies worldwide use our blockchains technology.

70 collaborators worldwide.

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Your data matters for us.

Great experience and notoriety in terms of data protection through Qwant: 100% French search engine founded by Pertimm which guarantees an absolute respect for the privacy and data of users.

NFTs artworks gallery.

All eyes on us.

They trust us.

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Have any questions?

Drop us a note and we’ll get back to you soon

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